Working Approach and Strategies

SUROVI considered children are the best potential resources of a nation and a nation cannot build up without proper development of children. The organization respects the rights and needs of children and women for their proper development and works to access their rights and creates opportunity to meet their basic needs through right based approach.  

SUROVI’s vision is to establish and ensure rights of all marginalized children, women and community people. Children and other deserving people will claim their rights and discharge their responsibilities.

SUROVI ensures participation of targeted children and women with development initiatives and support their efforts to take control of their own lives and make them aware regarding their rights and responsibilities. We also ensure stakeholders' involvement in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our development endeavor. 

The organization prioritizes the disadvantaged children and women groups to improve their socio-economical conditions through accessing rights. The organization prefers to work in urban slums and poverty stricken rural areas.  

Partnership with government, national, international, private and corporate donor agencies is the priority area of the organization. Extra curriculum activities, multi-grade teaching-learning approach, block teaching, learning without fear, inclusive education, school preparedness program for below six years children are some extra-ordinary approach of SUROVI’s education Program.   SUROVI follows NCTB curriculum for primary and junior education. The organization provides comprehensive training and supplementary teaching-learning materials. Community participation is ensured all level of development interventions. SUROVI always give emphasis to create enabling environment and take initiatives for capacity development of the staff members.