Poverty Alleviation & Income Generation

The program aims poverty alleviation among the ultra poor people both in urban and rural settings. SUROVI undertook poverty alleviation program through offering skill development training, arranging income generating activities and providing micro-credit support to the poorest section of the society. Women are given priority as they are considered burdens and vulnerable in the context of Bangladesh. 

Under the intervention SUROVI provides Micro-credit supports to the ultra poor families. The organization also arranges training for initiating small enterprise or income generating activities. The credit receivers can use the funds for income generation and enterprise development but can also use it behind health, education etc. This is actually extension of small loans for the marginal people who are unable to access to bank loans for enterpreneur development. It has proven an effective and popular measure in the on-going struggle against poverty, enabling those without access to lending institutions to borrow at bank rates and start small business. The organization plans to expand the program in the near future.