Mission and Vision


SUROVI has been established with a vision of a society where there will be no neglected deprived children and every child will enjoy their rights and flourish their full potential which leads them to contribute to the society.


The mission of the organization is to promote children's rights and their development, reduce human sufferings through enhancing socio-economical status of the poor, deprived and underprivileged people particularly the women to play their normal role in the society. 


  • Provide support and undertake different type of projects to promote child rights and child development
  • Provide education and training for the underprivileged children and women to develop human resources 
  • Taking integrated intervention like skill training, linkage service, micro-finance and IGA, health education and services, advocacy and provide services for contributing poverty alleviation.
  • Provide relief among poor people in different natural disasters and others for reducing suffering of the victims.
  • Support programs for the meritorious and ultra poor family’s children for supporting their further studies and livelihood support.
  • Ensure food security for the ultra poor families
  • Execute sponsorship and scholarship program for the orphans and disadvantaged children
  • Supply arsenic free water to the arsenic prone areas in bangladesh
  • Provide health awareness and health care services for women and children
  • Develop awareness for mass people on various issues for enhancing knowledge, increasing skills and changing attitude 
  • Support to the affected people in emergency situations
  • Provide relief and rehabilitate the ultra poor