Health Environment, Sanitation & Nutrition

SUROVI has achieved a sound experience particularly in WatSan activities. In particular, after any devastating cyclone in coastal belts, SUROVI successfully performed rehabilitation activities, which mainly include ensuring safe water & environmental sanitation, installation of new tube wells, repairing & re-sinking of the damaged tube wells as well as setting water-seal ring-slab latrines with the financial assistance of an international Organization.

SUROVI provided technical and financial support for tube well installation and construction of hygienic latrines. A huge number of tube wells and latrines have been installed through these initiatives.

Furthermore, SUROVI performed arsenic tested for a good number of hand tube wells with its own efforts. The tube wells with arsenic contamination were marked red while the arsenic free tube wells were marked green. SUROVI created awareness among the people using communication materials on usage of safe water, personal hygiene practice, disposal of solid waste, and dreadfulness of arsenic & arsenic mitigation options. Besides, plentiful promotional activities were accomplished to strengthen the hardware support services in WatSan.

As a part of food security and nutritional enrichment of children living in the poorest and most food insecure communities, SUROVI has been implementing School Feeding Program for the children in its education program with the support of World Food Programme. Under the program one packet 75 gm nutrition biscuit is supplied to each child daily. The school feeding program contributes in improving enrolment and attendance, reducing dropout, and alleviating micronutrient deficiencies and hunger among the poorest family children attending in pre- and primary schools.