Food & Economic Security, Relief & Rehabilitation

SUROVI has been implementing Food Security, Relief & Rehabilitation Program for a long time. The Food Security Program aims to remove hunder for the ultra poor families so that the families keep their children away from engaging child labor and allow them to attend school. The support under the program has been ensuring through Zero Hunger & Malnutrition, Children Sponsorship, Ramadan and Zabiha and School Feeding program. SUROVI considers the children & women from poorest families for receiving the aids. Food items, education materials, new clothes, family commodities, medicine & hygiene items, cash component are provided to the ultra poor families as a part of food and economic security. 

Relief and Rehabilitation Program provides support to the vulnerable and distress humanitarian for survival, resettlement and involve with development activities. The specific objectives are to support the affected/victims people to overcome the crisis situation, restore the development process, support children for education, food and livelihood supplement, mitigate nutritional support for school children and celebrate festivals with family & community. Relief and rehabilitation program creates opportunity for the most vulnerable people get assistance to meet up their need in the crisis period and prevent ultra poverty situation for the target groups. The program aims to provide support in the form of cash or kinds to the hard core poor families for their survival and development. SUROVI initiated Relief and Rehabilitation Program to its development objectives to support people to overcome the natural disaster, meet up expenses of education, dress, food and nutrition, during religious festivals and other vulnerable situation. The hardcore people both in the rural and urban areas are not able to manage their needs for family members especially for the children in different digress situation insists SUROVI to involve with the program.