Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD)

ECCD is the most important part of a child education to be prepared for future education. This is a unique opportunity for a child to acquire basic knowledge and utilize it in different stage in life. SUROVI has been implementing following ECCD program:

Day Care Centre (for 6 month to below 5 years old children)

Day care centre is mainly a community based early childhood development and care. Here children listen to stories, recite rhymes with the caregiver, sing, play and have fun. Teachers of the pre-primary schools are in regular touch with these facilitators and assist them in their work. Children attend pre-school after graduating from these centers. It has been proved to be a great initiative as school readiness as experienced.

Shishu Bikash Kendra (3-4 years old children )

Children ages 3-4 years are the target beneficiaries of this component. The beneficiary children come from the ultra poor families.  Shishu Bikash Kendra (SBK) has been established in the slum communities. The center runs 02 hours daily and 06 days in a week. Learning materials and playing instruments are provided to the learners free of cost. 

Pre-primary Education 

Pre-primary education is an intervention of SUROVI contributing to promote quality of primary education. The overall objective of the program is to prepare disadvantaged children for entry to mainstream primary school with necessary proficiency. The target beneficiaries under the program comprised with children from poorest families in urban slums. Children age between 5-6 years is considered to enroll in the program. Graduate children from SBK have also been enrolled in Pre-primary Education. The children learn in a fearless and joyful environment. At the end of the course they get ready to enroll in grade one in the primary school.