Capacity Building & Empowerment

The overall objective of the program is to enable people with skills, knowledge and make them aware on their responsibilities and prepared them to take new challenges for their greater benefits. The specific objectives are to involve community in project implementation process, develop young leadership in the community, enhance dedication and commitment, generate we-feeling, awareness, discussion & analysis of issues of common concern and hand over project ownership to community following phase forward.

SUROVI takes interventions to build of capacity of community people to take challenges for playing their roles to own programs after phase out and continue for greater benefits of community people. Basic training, orientation, discussion meeting, issue based awareness sessions, workshop, active participation in decision making and implementation process have been ensured for community people.

SUROVI took initiatives to improve skills and capacity of newly recruited staff members through foundation training, program orientation, demonstration, follow up, refreshers training, group discussion etc. throughout the year to build up their capacity to carry out the challenging responsibilities.

As part of empowerment for community people, SUROVI organizes leadership development training, workshop for the Samitee Leaders of microcredit Program, orientation for the SMC and CMC of Schools and non-formal education centers, Learning Resource Centers and Community Action Groups. The purpose of the training, orientation and workshop is to provide them with the knowledge for proper management of microcredit and also to enhance the management capability and leadership of the groups. SUROVI   also organized some field level trainings and orientations for the members of Center Management Committee, School Management Committee, Learning Resource Center, Community Action Group etc. to make them able to manage schools, learning centers and Resource Centers effectively. Apart of this, SUROVI also organizes different skill training on income generating activities that help them become independent economically.